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Download Free Fire for PC from Media Fire, Enjoy with the download of Free Fire for PC to fight online group wars full of excitement and suspense, Battle Royale from a third-person perspective online game that is considered one of the best games at the moment, was introduced to users by 111dots Studio in 2017 on Android and IOS and recently on PC by GameLoop Emulator and FreeFire 2021 was ranked one of the best games of the year Then.

Be among the nearly 50 players who land on an island full of weapons and ammunition in order to survive, there is only one survivor among all these players which means as exciting and exciting confrontations as possible, you can fight matches individually or within a team of up to a maximum of 4 players and communicate with each other via microphone or by text message.

Download FreeFire PC Game 2023 for Free Direct Link

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Information on Download FreeFire for PC Game

Style of play:

Players in Free Fire land on one of the islands of the aircraft by parachute and players are free to choose where to land by directing the character in the air and once landing on the island the players race to collect weapons, ammunition and equipment necessary for the battle such as helmet, bulletproof, weapon accessories, bombs, etc.

Weapons, medical equipment and other distinctive items can be obtained throughout the city only after the completion of the download of FreeFire for the computer, the player must eliminate all opponents along the way to become the only survivor in the end, and to achieve this must possess the skill of shooting, tactics and many other things that give preference to the player over other players.

Free Fire's safe play space on the map dwindles over time with the aim of directing surviving players to a smaller play space to force confrontations among themselves, which means that confrontations are inevitable and unwinning, learn more information after downloading FreeFire for PC.

Maps :

Free Fire for PC contains 5 maps each of which serves as playgrounds and each of them has what distinguishes it in terms of buildings, terrain and so on such as the map of Bermuda which contains many areas adapted from several cities in the world, and it is also characterized by a lot of trees and grass that provides a safe environment for hiding unlike the map of Kalahari with an arid desert environment.


A complete map was dedicated after downloading FreeFire for PC called Batou for training with the aim of upgrading the levels of players, which contains all kinds of weapons, not to mention the availability of an unlimited number of ammunition, in addition to a lot of moving targets that burden the player's skill in shooting, also contains all vehicles with the aim of training players to drive vehicles off-road.

How to top up Free Fire accounts and jewels for free?

Although shipping Jewels Free Fire is easy for a small fee from the official website of the game, there are many people who claim that they are shipping for free for free, but we never recommend those methods that may expose your account to theft or hacking because those methods are completely unsafe as it is downloading Free Fire and start playing without any fees or subscriptions for free and without the need to ship Jewels.

How to replace free Fire codes:

The game FreeFire has provided renewed codes every once in a while to get more housing and dances and some new features that cannot be obtained in the normal times of the game and we will give you some of them now and the codes will be updated regularly on our site Download PC games and you can leave a comment below about the required code and you will be immediately replied to with the code.

  • Fire Code:X90B ISD6 WSFW.
  • Heart dance code: ZIKS IED6 43S1.
  • Scar Titan Code: D4G1 D33S D5D4.
  • Gun housing code:AKFFICRF854MZT.
  • Rebel Code:KPHU7KHDRLKW

More about downloading Free Fire for PC :-


After downloading FreeFire for PC, enjoy a variety of firearms of various calibers, from pistols and machine guns to sniper rifles with which confirmed injuries can be achieved from long distances, and each weapon is distinguished from jealousy in many things such as the ability to cause damage and the speed of refeeding and recoil in automatic firing mode.

The AK47 machine gun, M416 and Groza rifle sit on the throne of medium rifles and one of these rifles will be an excellent choice in direct confrontations after the completion of the download of the FreeFire game for PC, in terms of light machine guns there are also P90, Thompson, UMP and a large selection of heavy machine guns with high fire density such as the Gatling and M249 machine guns, which have an ammunition store of up to 100 rounds.

Garena Free Fire has a distinctive range of sniper rifles, most notably the AWM rifle, in addition to SKS and Kar98K, not to mention many other important elements such as bombs and weapon accessories with which an expanded ammunition store or front handle can be added to reduce recoil as well as binoculars of all kinds that give the player a better view of distant targets.


Enjoy driving a wide variety of vehicles that allow the player to move quickly all over only after downloading FreeFire for PC, each map has some exclusive vehicles that suit the nature of the terrain such as vans and SUVs that can walk on rough terrain and bypass hills as well as its ability to carry 4 players.

It doesn't stop at regular cars but the player can also drive fast motorcycles after downloading the freefire PC game, in addition to sports cars, which are characterized by their great speed on the paved roads but will not be the most suitable option for off-road driving in Free Fire PC, there are also amphibious cars that can be driven on the ground and in the water very easily.


Players can communicate with each other within the team through voice chat, which gives the team the ability to coordinate well as it can also communicate with others by text messages, it is worth noting that downloading the game Free Fire for PC needs a permanent connection to the Internet, the player has to check the good connection so as not to face any problems or errors during the practice of playing.

How do I download Google FreeFire?

The game FreeFire is mainly available on the Google Play game download platform you can search the Google Store by any Android device or emulator and you will download it with ease from Google.

How to download FreeFire for free?

It has become available for everyone to download the game FreeFire for free through several means including downloading with a direct link through our site or through the official game website

How many users of FreeFire 2022?

The game of FreeFire is one of the most famous games and download on all platforms, the number of downloads from Google Play is 20 million downloads and more than 2 million downloads on the Apple Store and these numbers do not include the basic download from the company's website and through the emulator

 The most important pros of downloading the game FreeFire for PC: -

  1. It includes 5 distinctive maps, one of which is for the training of players.
  2. Great variety of weapons and equipment necessary for survival.
  3. Large selection of ordinary and amphibious compounds.
  4. The possibility of communicating voicefully with team members.
  5. Highly sophisticated graphics and ultra-high-resolution graphics.

Very important disclaimer of responsibility:

We in this site do not say to download games but this site is an intermediary only between the user and the main download site

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