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  The story of the game

This is the style that 3 Far Cary followed from the beginning, the game relied on a gloomy and mature tone at the same time to get out of the dark tunnel, and you will find this clearly shown in the main character "Jason" who fears the pirates controlling the tropical island of Rook, but on the other hand sees the killing as not good and unjustified, at least for now, until his worries begin to increase while trying to save his friends from the hands of a group of psychopaths who work in the slave trade, Based on this, you will find him gradually transforming from a cowardly person into a professional killer who reveals his abilities amidst the picturesque nature.

Download Far Cry 3 with direct link

Download Far Cry 3 with direct link

Download Far Cry 3 Game

Because of this contradiction and sudden change, all the following events within the title become believable, as no player can predict what is about to happen or how the events will go, the story is uncomfortable in most notes and does not always go to the player's whim, on the contrary, Far Cry 3 tries to challenge the principles of players in various ways, through options that may seem simple on the face of it but carry inside it a lot of emotions, and you will find the game imposes on you a set of indirect questions each A period like, how far will you go to save your loved one? And what kind of person are you going to become to get your friends back?

Jason begins to develop his fighting skill after escaping the hands of Fez, the mentally ill pirate leader and the man responsible for kidnapping his friends and family, but before you start chasing Fez and trying to find your friends, the game takes you on a nearly hour-long tour to teach you many skills that ensure you survive in this nature that carries with it violence, cruelty and brutality. "Jason" begins his training tour by collecting supplies and supplies through agricultural crops and useful items such as animal skins that are synthesized with other elements to get a more valuable and useful tool, but if you choose not to go on this educational tour you will miss a lot of important upgrades, and according to the laws of the game large wallets contain more money to buy more firearms, and huge backpacks can accommodate to carry more goods that you may need later, very simply, you will find your motivation and love The survey prompts you to explore the exciting virtual environment, since many times there is no clear and specific goal behind what is happening on Rook Island.

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The virtual game environment has a lot of secrets hidden in it, are unique holdings that have not been included in the open world of the game to increase content aimlessly, but they address many of the situations that the island has gone through throughout its history, such as messages lost since World War II that show the fight against the people of Rook Island, and lost cards that address corruption and drug trafficking, and here you must ignore the deceptive appearance of the first-person shooter, the title It's violent from the start, but all I've seen so far is just a small slice of a grand adventure that you haven't recognized yet. And when it's time for a real adventure inside the address you'll find yourself exploring the ancient ruins underground, wandering among the locals, and making friends with the leaders of the Rakyat tribe, a relationship that is based on loyalty and puts the main character on the right path.

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