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 Dying Light 2 for PC is one of the fun video games for survival, and the game is characterized by being an open world named after the horrific zombies, most of the game's reliance on fighting with most zombies with different weapons, and the game is characterized by the presence of many different weapons unlimited number, and we will explain through our site today everything related to the events of the game and how to download, let's continue.

Download Dying Light 2 for PC for free direct link

Download Dying Light 2 for PC for free direct link

How do I download Dying Light 2 ?

Dying Light 2 takes place in an open world after the end of the world captured by the zombies you want blood, all you can do in Dying Light is to search for a set of weapons to face zombie beings, then wait until night falls to fight zombies and search for them in bunkers that keep them away from the sun's rays, during the game you will discover a city with a very dark age in addition to discovering many locations within the game and hidden passages.

Then the virus spreads and is defeated over the city and all of them turn into zombies and become dark, but the hero of the game tries to save the last human group and return the city normally, and during the game the character of the hero of the game chases encrypted memories and walks to search for the truth and find out what those memories are, and throughout the journey you must remain human, the game is based on the dark new ages of humanity, and the game dying light 2 conveys topics from public life such as marital problems, infidelity and others, and the developers of the game recruited Evellon and the game has won a lot of admiration because of its story.

Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, players can perform multiple combat movements where the player runs, jumps, climbs and other such movements for easy movement between parts of the city with ease, the game has gliders, and the game provides more than 3000 animations to play the game easily, and the character of the game can also use zombies to prevent his fall.

Most of the game's reliance is on the use of firearms to fight zombies, and there are other weapons such as: bows, spears, and spray club, and these weapons can be upgraded through different schemes that are found when breaking weapons into small pieces, and the character of the game can use the skills of infection.

The game is characterized by the fact that the movement of the dead is slow when exposed to the sun but more fierce when at night, and when you download the game Dying Light 2 you find that the events take place in a huge city located in Europe, and players can discover the navy, and the map within this version is 4 times larger than the game Part I, where it was divided into 7 distinct locations each with its own secrets and landmarks.

Features of the game dying light 2

Dying Light 2 is more distinct from the first part which made the game become more impressive and interesting and more downloaded, and the main developer of the game Timeon explained that the story of the game took from 15 to 20 hours, while the experience of the game and the experience of its events up to 500 hours, and the curse is characterized by:

  • The game has all the kinetic styles, whether running or climbing, and the character of the game can also drop an enemy from the edge of the pipes.
  • Players can also collect weapons and all the equipment for combat as in the first part.
  • During your journey to eliminate zombies you will see people infected with the virus and converted into zombies which makes it difficult to save them.
  • You will also discover in the game a very terrifying dark world, and the protagonist of the game is a stranger to the city where he will try to uncover their past through his journey to eliminate zombies.
  • As you can find during the trailer for Dying Light 2 it was shown on several terrifying and impressive aspects.
  • It has also been shown that players can play parco, but watch out for zombie injury.
  • The game contains more than 500 weapons and supplies that help to fight.

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