Download Valorant PC Game with direct link

 Valorant Action Game for PC is one of the modern games that was announced last year and set a date for its launch for players to be in 2020, and although this game comes with the idea of playing from a first-person perspective that many of the other famous action games such as Fort Knight, Call of Duty Mobile and others have relied on, but this game has carried modern ideas, making it one of the most powerful versions of modern action games.

Download Valorant Game for PC

Download Valorant PC Game with direct link

The organizers of the modern game Valorant pointed out that it comes within the shooting games from the perspective of the first person besides that it is one of the multiplayer games and has been developed to be compatible with Windows devices, especially Windows 10, and it is mentioned that the developer of the game Riot Games announced it in October of 2019 and was then under the name of Project (A), but it was released on the second of June of last year of 2020.

Valorant is a multiplayer multiplayer multiplayer game, which is among the collection of action and shooting games that many users around the world love, and it is an easy game to access where the game has a lot of dazzle It is a unique game developed so that computer users can play it with keyboard and mouse, and it is a free game, developed by its developer Riot Games who developed the project of the 
game and developed it to become easy and Microsoft Windows users can use it with ease.

Explanation of the game Valorant for PC

The game is based on the idea of a multiplayer team; through which heavy shooting is carried out from the perspective of the first person, that is, the player here cannot see the character that represents him, and here the members of the team must have full control over the course of the game, where the player here joins the defense team or attack with five other players, especially since there are 10 players, five of them in defense and five in attack, and the fight in which all players share begins until the last breath and does not Especially since staying here and winning is for the strongest, most skilled and intelligent in using weapons and shooting in the right way.

The game gives the player a huge number of types of weapons and tools of war and combat that make the task of playing, whether defensive or offensive, easier, faster and stronger, and mentions that the attacking team of five players (gang) uses money in order to buy weapons and combat tools, while the defense team exploits that money in the purchase of combat and defense equipment.

In the main mode of Valorant there is a powerful bomb owned by the gang's offensive team known as Spike, a bomb that team members plant in some specific places on the map, and if the team can protect this bomb after planting it and the time it can explode without stopping it has passed, then here the gang will get a point.

Whereas if defenders can attack, neutralize and extinguish this bomb, they will be here the winners and the points earned during the game, and regardless of extinguishing or detonating the bomb, the team that will be able to get the first 25 points first during the events of the game; here will be the winner whether it is the attack team or the defense team.

In addition, each member of the two fighting or defending teams has a huge amount of very important characteristics and advantages, and can even overload the skills of team members by purchasing many in-game privileges, and more.

VALORANT Game Specifications

Valorant is characterized by the presence of basic gameplay mechanisms in it and it is equivalent in its use to the tactical skills that are available dynamically to the players and that depend in its operation on the rapid reaction of the player to fire, and know the exact target that will shoot at him, and the game needs to be played to speed in reaction and since it is an interesting game has instigated its designer to develop it, and the release of a new part of it with new specifications that allow the presence of enhancers on errors that occur during play, and this was well received of the players and make them coming to it.

With Valornet Shooting and Action you can learn a lot from the controls of the game, and by your quick reaction you can shoot very quickly, and enjoy the best mechanics of the basic game, which is why the game has been described as an Overwatch where characters with special abilities mix.

The action game Valorant was launched last year and has been adopted, famous and gained wide fame in the world of online computer gaming technology, and has also been developed for mobile platforms i.e. laptop and iPad, and this is what made it superior to a lot of games that perform almost the same work in our time such as PUBG, Call Of Duty and Fortnite, so the user must know what Valornet is.

With Valorant it should be known that it is a shooter game in which a number of players compete through two teams five players and five players in the other team, and the players will buy the necessary fighting equipment and weapons for their war, where the two teams will play against each other by the intersection between CS: Go and Overwatch, and after the two teams work one team to attack and another team to defend the players will have to plant a bomb through the bomb Spike, which one team is trying to plant and the other team is trying to remove The wick in order not to explode.

Players can switch roles either a team that plants the bomb or a team that defuses and protects the bomb from detonation until the time of the detonation time expires, and each team tries to eliminate the other team by preventing it from defusing the bomb "i.e. the spike" or planting it at all, until the end of the gym.

How to download and download the game to the computer?

In order to download and install the game on a device you must first:

  • Sign up or create an account in Riot.
  • Install them in a special file on your device.
  • After installing and filling in all the fields, you can start playing with your friends online online.

Requirements to run Valorant on the computer

  • Must be a GPU (Intel HD Graphics-3000),
  • The minimum CPU requirements that will help to run a game on the computer properly must be at least Intel i3 370M
  • If you want absolute control over gameplay and get rid of all runtime problems, etc., here should be the Core i5 4460 CPU. 
  • The game requires working on a computer with a Windows operating system and it works very efficiently of course on Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 with a 64-bit core.
  • The size of the game is not large when compared to games that belong to the same category and possibilities of action games, but nevertheless; it is necessary to have enough space on the operating system for the game to function properly.
  • To play Florent, you must have Windows 7/8/10 64-bit on your computer.
  • LED on your device must have a CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • You must have at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • You must have at least an Intel HD 3000 display card.
  • Pixel shading: 3.0
  • Vertex Shader: 3.0
  • DirectX at least 11.

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