God of War Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link

Download God of War 2 for PC in small size

Download God of War 2 PC from Media Fire in size 529 MB, God of War 2 is based on combat adventures and the execution of various and renewed missions in each level, where the second part of the game God of War starts from the end point of the first part, after the victory of Cretus over Ares.

The American company SCE Santa Monica Studio developed the second part and released the first version of God of War 2 in 2007 to run on the PlayStation 2 platform, after the success of the first part, which won the admiration of millions around the world in addition to the EGN certification as the best game of the year.

Download God of War 2 for PC

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Download God of War 2 for PC in small size

God of War Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link 

Game Story:
Critus sits on his throne thinking about his past and then decides to go to the Temple of Poseidon in Atlantis to search for answers and discover secrets, upon arrival Cretus encounters creatures and monsters that protect the temple, but overcomes them and continues his journey by entering the temple.

The mission of Cretus in the God of War 2:

When Cretus entered the temple it was a surprise that he found his mother detained, she revealed to him some dying secrets that it was his father who had booked her, that his brother Deimos was held in the place of the god of death and that he needed his help, enjoy the adventure of the whole story with the download of God of War 2 from Media Fire.

Cretus must go to a temple in the city of Sparta to save his brother from death, but the surprises are not over yet, his mother turned into a great monster due to the curse of the gods after she revealed secrets to him, but Cretus overcomes him until he kills him, and then his mother receives the farewell words that she is now freed from torment, hence the expressions of anger appear on Cretos's face.

Cretos' March to Save His Brother:
Cretus came out of the temple to save his brother and on his way meets a gravedigger and warns Cretus not to continue on this path because he will provoke the wrath of the gods and will never meet his brother, but Cretus still insists on his position and continues on his way to Sparta and continue the search.

From here the levels of God of War 2 and the adventure of Cretus begin to reach his brother and overcome the consequences that the gods put in his path, after downloading the game God of War 2 for PC compressed for free.

Game Development for Part II:
Convert power energy from Rage of the Gods to Rage of the Titans, you can control the turn on and off of the anger meter, and the anger meter fills up quickly helping you use energy unlike the first part.

More about Download Game God of War 2 for PC

Weapons and means of warfare:
Some of the means of combat have been increased from the first part such as the magic attack, the barbaric hammer, the Olympus blade, the shaft of fate, the bow and arrow of distant targets, and there are also many alternative combat options that you will learn about immediately after downloading the game of Good of War 2.

Over the course of the levels you will meet on your way many boxes that give you many additional features after downloading God of War 2, where in this part of the game there are 3 types of boxes that give you health and magic and many golden and red celestial bodies.

You can move from one stage to another in God of War 2 by overcoming and killing enemies and getting points that enable you to skip the level, and you can follow the time map available within God of War 2 to continue your march and reach the finish line.

Health Meter:
The health meter is located at the top right of the screen and is green as long as you are healthy, but in case of constant attacks this indicator will gradually decrease until it becomes red and this is a sign that your health is over and approaching the end of the game, you should observe this indicator continuously and avoid attacks and open boxes that provide you with health for the possibility of continuing and avoiding loss.

The game of Good of War 2 is played by the PlayStation 2 emulator on the computer and is controlled through the keyboard buttons, where the letter S jumps in the air and the letter A catches the enemy and then performs successive blows by hand, while the letter W and letter D fight and kill the enemy with the fireball, in addition to the letter Q that makes the movement of the magic stunner, you can repel the blows of enemies with the letter E.

The most important features of downloading God of War 2 for PC 

  1. Immerse yourself in the game God of War 2 and its sound effects.
  2. Going back in time to ancient times.
  3. Facing more difficult levels.
  4. Exciting three-dimensional interface.
  5. Develop your combat skills.
  6. The possibility of choosing your opponent.

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