Carpe Diem Project Free Download PC Game direct link

 Carpe Diem Project Free Download PC Game direct link

You will find yourselves in an apocalyptic world full of enemies, created after a failed battle against an infection that changed humanity.

Carpe Diem Project Free Download

Carpe Diem Project Free Download

Carpe Diem Project Free Download PC Game

It is a game where you have to be on guard around every corner! You can enjoy it alone, without teammates, while you have to kill hordes of enemies to survive.

In this survival game, you need gaming skills, courage, a good dose of patience and fancy to kill the enemies to overcome the toughest challenges.

In return, you will get a large map with 5 regions, gameplay experience, surprising moments, different types of weapons, multiple types of characters, and different types of unique enemies.

Do you dare to play this game? Can you survive? Can you kill as many enemies as possible and get the highest score?

Carpe Diem Project Features


The game map is divided into 5 regions, each region representing a different part of the city. We've made every area look as realistic as possible.


We offer a selection of several types of characters. Choose to play as a female character or defeat your enemies as a male character.


 The choice of weapon is up to you. You have a large variety of weapons to choose from. In addition to weapons, you can also use brute force and hit enemies, but not all of them!


 You are being chased by "normal" enemies, but also by enemies with special characteristics, which can be a challenge for someone and you have to deal with them.


You have several difficulty levels to choose from. They will test your third person playing skills. The higher the level, the more enemies. Enemies are becoming stronger and more aggressive.

acid storm.

A forgotten experiment that is supposed to help civilization stop the spread of infection around the world that has spiraled out of control. Now you have to avoid the consequences of this experiment and survive until the experiment ends.

How to Download & Install Carpe Diem Project

How to Download & Install Carpe Diem Project

Carpe Diem Project

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