Download Medal of Honor Allied Assault Game Direct Link for PC

 We offer you to download the game Medal of Honor Allied Assault without a small size, which is one of the most famous games released almost two decades ago, but it has met with great success in the world of computer games, it is one of the games of combat battles, whether through beating and learning martial arts, or through the use of many types of weapons through which you can get rid of your enemies professionally.

With the original Allied Assault game you can get a lot of features, features and full codes by tracking them well, you can also be professional, as you as an Allied soldier you will enter into a lot of wars with the great powers, mainly Germany, this magnifies your war and combat experience in a world full of conflicts.

Download Allied Assault Game Direct Link

Download Medal of Honor Allied Assault Game Direct Link for PC

Download Medal of Honor Allied Assault Game Direct Link for PC

Produced by the famous company EA, Medal of Honor Allied Assault was released in 2002, gaining acceptance from a very large number of fans of fighting and war games, and although it looks relatively old, it is hugely fun and still receives wide attention, and does not need high storage space on your computer, so you can easily download it without any complexity.

You will assume the role of the hero who is known as "Mike Powell", and you will be assigned the first mission, the one that will take place outside the American territory, the purpose of which is to destroy all German military objectives, where the battles take place after downloading the old Middle of Honor game from Media Fire for PC during World War II, in addition to joining you the strongest team of fighters.

Most importantly, after downloading the old Middle of Fame game from Media Fire, you should determine your destination, meaning to decide what you want to play online or play with the normal system?, you should know that you can play through the network, which is to play with a group of friends fighting each other, or you enter online servers in order to play with people you do not know.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Game

The story of the original Middle Game revolves around a hero called Lieutenant Mike Powell, who is also the hero around whom the story of this version revolves and who plays the role of the player during combat operations, in addition to being the giant and skilled American guard, who is the agent of the Office of Strategic Services.

Mike Powell is tasked with going out of the US by helicopter to destroy all the military targets of the German authorities, during World War II after downloading the old game Middle of Honor online without installation, where the hero can provide a strong team to help him fight inside the city.

The events of the war move to North Africa, where it is possible to pass Algerian airspace, with different access to multiple means of transport, including cars that contain high machine guns, whether portable or installed inside cars, in addition to a group of many prominent figures within this version, some of which challenge the hero and some of which are allied with him.

But in the end, after downloading the original Middle Game, you are required to protect Lieutenant Mike Powell from the death of these wars and to protect weapons and equipment as much as possible, know that you are fighting alongside the Allies against Nazi Hitler and German forces, and MOHAA came perfectly simulated for this era of history.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault is famous as a shooting game, in which a lot of weapons are varied, as it was professionally developed, got the admiration of many from different nationalities and was the talk of everyone in its time, and remains until now retaining its audience from different countries.

After downloading Medal of Honor Allied Assault, you'll notice battles that will take place in different regions of the world, using weapons and heavy equipment, including F.A.K.K.², which help kill infantry and try to control camps, as well as a set of renewed missions at each stage.

In addition to the possibility of using many deadly weapons in your war, you can also get confidential information about the opponent's movements through spy code, you can use this feature while playing through the network "Online", and you can also use many old Middle of Honor codes while you are on various missions.

The missions you will carry out crystallize in some stages that can be fought yourself and with the team accompanying you, you will feel that you are inside a very strong battle, you must take into account the care of the enemies, because you are a soldier and in a fierce war you can receive defeat at any time.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Pentium 2 / AMD Athlon
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2 GB

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