Evil West Free Download PC Game direct link

 Evil West Free Download

Evil West is one of those games that many have gone unnoticed since it was announced, and with each time it has been postponed the general opinion of the gamer community has not been interested, but I was betting on it and it will be.

One of the most different experiences of the year because of its unique world that combines vampires and the American Old West. So did the experience that extends to 15 hours of gameplay provide what distinguishes it among all these giant titles that were released in the same month?

 Here is a review and direct download link for Evil West, published by Focus Entertainment and developed by Flying Wild Hog.

Evil West Free Download PC Game  direct link

Evil West Free Download PC Game  direct link

The story of the game: a genius idea

There is a kind of story that contains legendary events and unexpected twists that make you sure that the writers of this story worked hard in thinking and preparing to bring you this dazzling final product.

As for Evil West, you feel that someone brought out everything he dreamed of in his “afternoon sleep” on the pages of the script.

He may also use whatever drugs and conditioning substances are available. Not that the story is weird, but there are so many elements coming together that I bet no one thought of.

  The first one combined the idea of the American West and the life of bounty hunters with vampires. Certainly, the writers made an effort to create an attractive and detailed virtual world. The story is as follows:

The story revolves around Jesse Rentier and his father, William, who lead a group called the Rentier Institute whose goal is to research and eradicate vampires.

  who live among us. I remember a lot of games that tried to do similar things like The Order 1886 to name a few but really,

That mix of atmospheres I saw in Evil West was unlike anything I'd seen before. More on that in the following paragraphs.

The game does not contain a lot of events. I can sum up what's going on in the whole game in a few lines,

 Perhaps this is an attempt to build a strong foundation in pursuit of new parts of the same game if the game succeeds in obtaining a large fan base, or writers become lazy.

On the contrary, Game Play was rich in detail and full of possibilities that allow the player to diversify and differ between his experience and the experiences of others.

 I can safely say that the game reminded me a lot of Batman Arkham, Shadow Of Mordor, and God Of War games in terms of smooth transitions. However, it tends more to the latter because of the linearity and design of the world.

Evil West game review

Evil West game review

The story takes place in a parallel history where humans have reached technologies that allow the exploitation of electricity in the manufacture of weapons.

Your most powerful weapon is an electric gauntlet that is used to punch and stun enemies. This glove has a multitude of uses that gradually open up for you.

The best is the presence of many other tools and weapons, including the Revelover weapon and a classic rifle similar to those in Red Dead, but the difference here is that the game's biggest reliance is not on aiming, but rather on hand-to-hand combat.

Even in times of credit shooting will feel more arcade. There are other weapons that play an important role, the most important of which, of course, is the Crippling Rod, which knocks all enemies to the ground and makes them more vulnerable to your blows.

How to Download & Install Evil West

Toward the end of the game, you will find that all the buttons on your controller have been assigned to a specific action or weapon, and the game continues to supply you with more tools and weapons and makes you have to mix more than one button to use that tool or weapon.

This is the diversity and abundance of tools and weapons, which is the most important element in the Game Play, and I will refer to it again in the positives paragraph.

The environments are linear, not letting you do much exploration other than collecting resources in coins, which enable you to buy weapon upgrades.

Evil West game review

Evil West game review1

Speaking of upgrades, there are a lot of purchasable upgrades for the character itself in the form of new moves that you can do with the same old tools,

Or improvements to the tools to allow you to perform new moves. If what you just read feels like a blessing, rest assured, it isn't and Evil West manages to make all this variety of weapons and gadgets come off smoothly and naturally.

Unlike God Of War which I mentioned our game is closer to,

Evil West doesn't contain any puzzles, but rather focuses on combat and wandering around the environment in search of coins.

There is also a multiplayer mode to go through the whole experience with one additional friend, and there is a system in the settings that makes you restart the game from the beginning if you die once!

I haven't tried it but you can imagine how frustrating it is when you try it. It might be a favorite for fans of Rogue Like games but I don't think the Evil West experience would get any better if you played it that way.

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