Horizon Forbidden West 2022 PC Game for Free Download

 Download Horizon Forbidden West for PC, where it is considered a game of Dutch origin, and is one of the games of action, fighting and adventure, and that game was published by Interactive Entertainment, as this game was released in the calendar year 2021, and since then it has attracted the attention of many people who love excitement and chase, so it has a very distinctive segment of lovers around the world.

Download Horizon Forbidden West  PC Game for Free

Download Horizon Forbidden West 2022 PC Game for Free

Download the game Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games Studios has developed the game Horizon Forbidden West in a very distinctive way, as this led to the desire of many people around the world to download it, where many want to play through the character of Alloy that appeared in the previous version of the game, and it is worth noting that this heroine will travel to the west coast of the United States of America, where the events of that game revolve around the world that arises after the end of the world.

About downloading Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the action games, where the character of Alloy appears within this game within a world that has been overwhelmed by the spread of robotic creatures in a very strange way, and it is worth noting that the events of this game take place in the time period that falls specifically 1,000 years later, meaning that it is located in the world that arises after the great disaster that occurs on all countries of the world.

It is worth mentioning that humanity at that time had reached the pinnacle of civilizational superiority of all robotic creatures, so great robotic creatures in the form of dinosaurs appeared that dominated the planet Earth, which led to the abandonment of the planet and its abandonment and despite that there was still a very small group of humans who did not leave it, the player of that game controls the character Eloy, and this character appears in the form of a very skilled hunter who depends on all parts and materials to continue living, but it is very difficult The existence of these parts is easy, as those parts are obtained by hunting creatures only.

Features of downloading the game Horizon Forbidine Best

  • Inside the game there are very, very spectacular scenes, where a forest is shown containing a lot of trees with green leaves and burdened timber.
  • The characters appear within the game with a very high-quality and high-resolution graphics, which is a graphics that simulates reality, where you feel that these characters are around you.
  • This game has special sound effects, for both natural sounds and existing characters tend very much to reality. 
  • The game contains huge battles that take place inside the camps. 
  • Inside the game appear robots and very huge robotic dinosaurs,they are used in attack and fight battles.
  • Primitive weapons and shooting bows appear in the game, where these weapons help eliminate enemies and robotic dinosaurs as well. 
  • The game combines antiquity and modern times that appear within it.
  • This game enables you to explore many distinctive things, which vary greatly and revolve between a large number of players, as this is done through the use of a different perspective of the game.

Requirements to play Horizon Forbidden West

  • – Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • – Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • – Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K@3.3GHz or AMD FX 6300@3.5GHz
  • – Memory: 8GB RAM
  • – Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3GB) or AMD Radeon R9290 (4GB)
  • – DirectX: Version 12
  • – Storage: 50 GB available space

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