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Somerville Free Download PC Game direct link

 The Playdead development team has gained a very loyal fan base with its classic game Limbo and its blockbuster Inside,

Our game for today is Somerville, and it's the first game of the Jumpship development team, one of the founders of which is Dino Patti, the former co-founder of Playdead.

  And the CEO of said great games, is Patti back to deliver another classic?

Somerville Free Download PC Game direct link

Somerville Free Download

The story puts us in the role of the father who lives with his small family consisting of the wife, their child and their loyal dog.

The family is surprised by the alien invasion of Earth, which results in the injury of the father when he tries to help one of the injured soldiers. The father wakes up after a while to find himself.

 Alone at home with his dog, with the father acquiring a strange ability in him to generate electrical energy that affects the light, which in turn affects the materials of the aliens.

Here, the father begins his journey to search for his family in this difficult world that has become full of dangers.

A negative that directs the game more towards action and a sense of adventure is that the silent narrative style doesn't answer much of the story.

Questions that need elaboration Unlike Inside and Limbo, Somerville hardly offers any hints and indications through its world, which makes the end of the story.

 The last part of it is very blurry and with the absence of connotations that can be analyzed, we are left with nothing but pure imagination to explain what happened, unfortunately, but this does not prevent us from enjoying the majority of the events of the story.

Somerville offers a unique and simple art direction, and despite the focus on presenting a world with somewhat faded colors, the game is very beautiful.

 And it contains charming scenes from time to time, while presenting a gloomy and silent atmosphere most of the time, and it is interrupted by a number of moments in which the exciting or sad music dominates, which depicts the scenes in a wonderful and interesting way.

The gameplay is simple, with a button dedicated to interacting with the environment and a button in which you use the strange electrical power that the father acquired after his injury,

 The game depends mainly on interacting with its world and solving a number of puzzles to progress, and most of the puzzles revolve around the strength of the father, which is used with.

 Any source of light to turn the aliens' leftover material into a more liquid state, allowing you to advance.

How to Download & Install Somerville

During this journey you will also gain the ability to harden alien matter with the need to combine the two abilities to solve puzzles.

 Which provides an excellent variety in the experience, but the experience is not ideal in this regard due to the provision of a three-dimensional experience instead of a two-dimensional experience in games such as Inside.

 And the development team's choice of fixed camera angles was not always successful and you will often feel lost because the road may be open at times.

 But it is not clear! Also, it is sometimes difficult to know some of the elements of the environment that must be interacted with in order to solve some puzzles, which is confusing in some areas.

We completed the experience in 3 and a half hours, and we can finally say that it is similar and even identical to Limbo and Inside games.

 In many of its concepts and implementations but with some changes such as introducing a 3D experience and a different approach to the story, Somerville is a great experience.

 And a successful start for a new development team, and we look forward to their future projects and hope that the developer learns from his mistakes to provide a new classic experience in his next project.

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