Prey Free Download PC Game direct link

 Download Prey has become one of the most exciting electronic games, as it is adventure and science fiction, and it is also one of the best games in the world and is full of surprises, as it is completely different from previous roles in everything, as this game has always aimed to be distinguished by all the atmosphere of the environment and the effects of Shadows, lighting, and the special way of fighting are wonderful and very different, while the game suffers in some very rare cases from falling in the frame, which does not affect the fun of the game. prey.

Prey Free Download

Prey Free Download PC Game direct link

Prey Free Download PC Game direct link

The events of the game may take place in the reality of the year 2032, where a man from one of the prominent scientists appears at the beginning of the game, and he is the hero of the game himself, as he found himself inside a game and his maze and must survive after an attack by strange animals and creatures in the laboratory, so you have to play the role of this The scientist and his name is Morgan, who is in the spaceship, which dates back to 1963, and it is worth noting that at that date US President John F. Kennedy survived the assassination and decided to lead and more money to support the workplace again.

He also discovered the existence of an alien called Typhoon, which has supernatural and deadly powers, and Russia and America agree to build a space station called Kletka after the collapse of Russia, then the United States undertakes a project to control the plane that was closed in 1980 to attack these alien creatures.

About downloading Prey game

And in the year 2025 TranStar acquired the ship and rebuilt it in the year 2030 with the aim of studying the Typhon to take advantage of its supernatural abilities, making the human ability the best, and you may find some external operations similar in concept, and the end of the story is a prelude to the next part of the game, and you also find climbing in the game It is not realistic and you have to try many times to reach the required level.

How to Download & Install Prey

  • First, go directly to the game download site.
  • After downloading it from its link on our website, decompress the zip file.
  • Then you should install the game.
  • Finally click the install button and wait for the game to install.
  • With these steps, the download process has been completed successfully.

Prey game download features

After we got to know the finer details about the prey game, and what is the correct way to download it, we will also present the most important features of this game, which are as follows:

  • The game has a beautiful and unique design especially in parking lots, corridors, rooms and research areas.
  • The game has a great touch that shows the interest of the manufacturer in providing entertainment to all the fans of this game.
  • The game relies on imagination and planning rather than reaction.
  • You can fight using different weapons.
  • You can also use the environment to your advantage instead of using natural gas or underground gas.
  • The game may give you a stealth system and avoid enemies without encountering them.
  • The game gives you many options that help you defeat the enemies.

Prey Free Download PC Game direct link

If it is not downloaded automatically, please click Redownload. And if the link is broken, please report via the contact form page of this website

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