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 If you are a fan of action and fantasy games, you can download the Bright memory game 2023 and enjoy all the advantages that this game offers to users, this game contains a set of science fiction shots in the form of a cinematic character, through which you can fight monsters, it is one of the most famous fighting games that recently got a large number of downloads around the world, it may contain a set of sounds and graphics that look very natural and make you feel like you are in a real war field.

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Bright Memory

Bright Memory Free Download

The game Bright memory revolves around a young woman named Shelia, who works within the Natural Science Research Organization, and the narrative of the game focuses on that she found an ancient sword with wonderful magical things inside, and the owner of the sword has the ability to bring dead beings, which made many military agencies request access to the sword, and the hero of the game is represented in his role in keeping this sword and defending it from these groups in many different ways.

From this point on, the hero enters a state of adventure and must defend the sword and engage in fierce combat with different groups, with this game we promise you fun and excitement with excellent graphics and graphics, however it should be mentioned that there are currently only a few stages in that game However, due to the high demand for it and its popularity among shooter games, the developer of the game has promised to release frequent updates and work to include a lot of levels and stages, and the work will be done to update the copy for the computer first and then the version for the phones.

About Downloading Bright memory

If you are a fan of fighting games, you carry in your hands one of the terrifying battle games full of conditions of excitement and horror found in the bloody battlefield and the monsters that fight there, including gorillas, bears and other huge monsters, and the game also includes life-sized creatures that look like zombies but have a great deal of bloody power, these creatures move slowly, but it is more cruel and that can easily end your life in the game, you must be very fast and have a high level From quick sense, the game will become harder than you imagine as you advance through the levels, and there will be a variety of scary animals lurking everywhere, which makes you make a brave effort to get rid of these creatures.

Inside the Bright memory game, you may collide with the bear in addition to the zombie shapes that suddenly materialize and other animals that look like evil dogs also approach you from the right and left at the same time, and the dark light that characterizes the horrific scenes in international movies dominates the bloody and frightening battlefield within the Bright memory game, and you may be shocked by some creatures that hit without feeling, but the blood stains that appear on the screen indicate your injury, if you give up, you must know that it will not It's a long time before you're eliminated, there's no pity or patience in Bright Memory, so be careful and hit hard before they hit you.

Features of Bright Memory Download

Bright memory is one of the famous games that contains a number of advantages, as follows:

  • Bright memory has all the elements of excitement and adventure.
  • You will quickly get used to the fighter's character controls.
  • The links provided in this article allow you to download the game Bright memory for free.
  • The first-person perspective was chosen by the game makers as your greatest perspective to play a game of this genre in its perfect form.
  • For people who enjoy fantasy and everything connected with it, this game is best for them.
  • It gives you a sense of wonder about it when some objects suddenly appear.
  • Bright Memory is light and doesn't slow down the device while playing.
  • The game is exciting because it contains unique skills that are not available in other games and the result of this was that it impressed everyone who downloaded it until millions of people from all over the world downloaded it.
  • The game can be played without the need for an Internet connection.
  • The game can be played on all types of mobiles as long as it is running Android.

Requirements to play the game Bright memory

Minimum play of Bright memory

CPU: INTEL E3-1230v2 / AMD FX-8350
RAM : 8 GB
OS : Windows 10 64-bit (1903)
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX960 (4G)
Pixel Shading: 5.1
Free Disk Space : 13 GB
Video RAM : 4 GB

Bright Memory Free Download

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