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 Download The Callisto Protocol as a survival game and escape from the horror of Callisto by using cohesive combat, aiming and one time to fight fast-evolving creatures, as you must search for new equipment and weapons so that you resist the threats of the dead moon.

The Callisto Protocol challenges players to master an exciting combination of manual and versatile combat, including the unique gravity weapon that Black Iron guards used to control prison inmates. Players will have to approach and face their gruesome opponents, cut off limbs, blow up legs, and be creative in everything at their disposal in order to survive in every life-or-death encounter.

Download The Callisto Protocol 2023 for PC Full Direct Link

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Download The Callisto Protocol 2023

The Callisto Protocol is an individual horror game that requires high skill in aiming to survive and is a third-person horror game, the game takes place in the future about 300 years from now where the player plays the role of victim jacob lee located in Black Iron Prison located on Jupiter.

The prison seems to be in a state of chaos where prisoners turn into monstrous creatures and until you survive your life you need to escape from prison to a safe place during the escape journey You will discover a lot of exciting and frightening secrets in the world of Callisto, the game immerses you in a tense and brutal atmosphere It is the terrifying next-generation game to survive with frightening moments of humanity and helplessness from the mind of Glen Schofield, and the teaser for the game was shown in a two-minute video which increased the The enthusiasm of the players and their anticipation for this scary game that some considered an extension of the game Pubji.

About downloading The Callisto Protocol

You can experience isolation on an environment that is considered one of the most isolated and hostile environments in the universe and is the environment of Jupiter's dead moon, struggle with jacob to survive, you have to deal with the horrors of the mysterious Callisto Protocol that is represented by the scary Black iron prison and its mutant creatures that seek to eliminate you, and the world of Jupiter's moon contains a lot of secrets that you must discover, this moon has been plagued by many hidden things for centuries Long, these secrets are scattered above its surface and below the surface as well.

The game contains very violent murder scenes and this violence is not limited to monsters and mutants but also to the hero "Jacob" who will die in bloody ways, promised a unique and distinctive experience full of science fiction horror and I hope it will live up to the promises of the developed team.

The game will be released on 02-12-2022 on Friday on all current and previous generation devices and PCs contagious with the Switch, with exclusive content for Playstation devices upon prior ordering.

The story of the game comes alive in every corner with the presence of terrifying and unforgettable horrors in 2320 on the dead moon that follows Jupiter, and the mystery of this moon causes chaos inside the prison, face your fears and defeat the bloodthirsty evil creatures that haunt you as you escape from this place, and be sure to discover the dark mysteries of the prison during the escape journey.

The Callisto Protocol challenges players' ability to fight in a variety of ranges and manual combat in a fascinating combination as it includes a unique weapon used by prison guards which is the gravity weapon that enables them to control prisoners, players live a life or death experience in which they will have to do everything that ensures their survival such as blowing up legs, cutting limbs and facing gruesome opponents.

Features of downloading the game T Callisto Protocol

  • An integrated science fiction and horror game.
  • Visual and audio effects that simulate reality.
  • Various weapons for aiming and fighting, the most famous of which is the gravity weapon.
  • The possibility of using ambient tools as weapons such as a propeller to cut mutants.
  • Suitable for adults because of its bloody and violent murder scenes.
  • A distinctive and unique experience of terrifying science fiction.
  • The game is compatible with PlayStation and PCs.
  • Jacob, the game's main character, is able to use GRP's abilities to gain the power to pull objects into him and more.
  • Real in-game monsters with the name
  • Long-term heavy combat and the use of white weapons.
  • Free upgrade support is a game suitable for future generations.

The Callisto Protocol Download FULL PC GAME Direct Link

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