Escape First 2 Free Download PC Game direct link

 Escape First 2 Free Download 

Escape First 2 with multiple tasks for players to find a way to escape from the room by doing the necessary tasks such as fighting guards, turning on the lamp, solving puzzles, and other tasks that enable the player to get out of prison and win the game levels.

Escape First 2 Free Download

Escape First 2 Free Download PC Game  direct link

Escape First 2 supports virtual reality headsets and devices, and the player needs ample space in the confined room so that he can enjoy himself by sitting at the computer,

where more than six players can play at the same time,

Escape First 2 is the second version of the multiplayer room escape puzzle game for PC and VR.

Which can be played through three different escape rooms so that the player can choose from them individually, cooperatively or competitively.

 Collectively up to six players at the same time in the form of a team to solve puzzles and escape.

You can also form a group of six who will all work together to try to figure out the mystery in order to escape the area or who will compete against each other in Showdown mode.

 In this game mode, they are all trapped in a room together and must escape before anyone else can.

Escape First 2 Gameplay stages in a game

Escape First 2 contains three different missions, and these missions are divided into the following:

Torture Chamber: in which the player finds himself locked in a dark medieval prison where the player tries to find a way to escape from the prison before being caught by the sadistic guards,

A cell full of prison cages, torture devices, and other prisoners in the adjacent rooms screaming at the top of their voices, the player doesn't have much time to escape before the guards come from closing the doors.

Crazy Clowns Circus: It is a fun one that is directly related to the origin of the game where the player needs to get out of Psycho Circus Cont,

Clowns do not like anyone touching their private things, so the player must act quickly to escape from the circus before the show begins.

This is because your escape from the clown does not mean a move but you must get out of the prison and stop the circus show.

Backstage area: in which the players are locked in a bathroom that has no windows or doors, and they also need to get out of the walled rooms,

While wandering around the Escape First 2 game factory, you will pass out, and after you wake up, you will find yourself in the bathroom where there are no windows or doors, and then you must search for a way out to escape.

Each of these stages has its own individual story and its own atmosphere, as they are not linked to each other, and you can pass the game levels in no particular order.

Escape First 2 game download

  • In Escape First 2, the player can turn the flashlight on, off, move it, throw, scan, and pick up objects, and interact with the environment around him.
  • The player solves the puzzles, which are of different degrees between ease and difficulty.
  • These puzzles depend on choosing symbols and zeros, searching for objects arranged in the correct order, and so on.
  • The game gives an opportunity for players to turn on hints to help solve the puzzles.
  • Players gather in one room so that they can play together as it is a multiplayer game, and it is also possible to play in VS mode so that the user has his own room and thus can compete with the rest of the players.
  • Each player is locked alone in one room and looks for a way to escape and wins if he escapes from the room before the rest of the players.
  • It is also possible to play with a gamepad, mouse, keyboard, desktop and virtual reality devices.
  • Download Escape First 2 game on computers with its different stages, it is a multiplayer game with different stages to escape from the room by solving puzzles and competing with other players.

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