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Download Stray game compressed Media Fire Stray game is one of the strongest games of 2022 from the perspective of the third person in a distant and strange city, after the cat is lost and lost his family will wander in this city, which causes him a lot of problems with many beings such as robots and some dangerous creatures in addition to that he finds himself forced to solve the gas and challenges in order to be able to complete the stages of the game to the end.

Download the game Stray and see the world with the eyes of a cat and interact with that city so that you can escape you must hide and move quickly and intelligently to solve challenges and puzzles and face the strange inhabitants of the city to survive and get out of the city and the game is produced by BlueTwelve Studio and download the game Stray for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

Download Stray Game Direct Link 

How to Download Stray Game

How to Download Stray Game ?

Game Events:
You start playing with the perspective of a lost and lonely cat and do not find his family in an electronic city lit with faint colors of neon and here begins a new stage of the game you will simulate the life of the cat to roam in that city which exposes you to some strange creatures and also robots with some help to you through a companion of yours in the game but your main goal of facing those beings and solving puzzles is to get out of that city with a mother.

Cat perspective:
The story of Stray suggests that it is like its counterparts from third-person perspective games, but in fact it is a unique experience where you wander in a large and complex world, but this in this game you see from ground level, it will change everything whether from the discovery of this world or solving puzzles in addition to a wonderful and new story that you live in while playing by downloading games similar to Stray from the download site of computer games.

You can roam freely in that city and solve the gas logically but you don't have a weapon to defend yourself all you have is running and jumping and some simple movements to scratch or hit a door for example.

The goal of the Stray game:
At first the goal seems very simple: to get out of that city, but soon you discover that the task is more than that, you play like a cat whose name is not known away from his friends and family and soon you find a companion in that mission.

Then the puzzles begin to appear, which increases the excitement of the game is a mysterious swarm of strange insects that eat almost anything in addition to robots, are you ready to go through that experience!! .

Places of B12 memories in Stray game:

Stray B12 Assistant:
B12 is a drone (Doron) that joins your flight in the third chapter of it, once you find it you will be able to discover its memories in this world as it has 27 memories that you can discover but you have to search well around the place until you find those memories

Memories are colored in a light blue color with small blue boxes near that blue glow it is possible to find those boxes inside the frescoes, banners or even disabled robots scattered in the game.

Although there are no weapons in the game, there are many enemies of robots, strange creatures and odds that must be faced and all you have is to run, jump and use your intelligence with the help of the personal assistant B12 who will in turn help you face those challenges.

The most important features of downloading Stray game for PC: -

  • The first third-person game shot in high quality.
  • A new world with exquisite designs and distinctive colors.
  • Meet a new underground city.
  • Trying to survive an entire city without weapons.

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