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 Now start downloading Outlast II 2 PC game with a direct link and set out in a world full of horror, excitement and suspense, breathtaking events and scenes, danger surrounds you from all directions, you have to focus your thoughts and control well the feelings of horror inside you so that you can make a solid plan to escape danger and save your wife who may fall into the hands of your evil enemies at any moment, remember that if you or your wife falls into the hands of these villains it will not take long before you They torture you and your heart in a brutal way and without any mercy.

OutLast 2 for PC was officially released on April 25, 2017 for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the game was met with a different reception, both positive and negative, some liked the graphics, sound design and general atmosphere to download Outlast 2, while the criticisms were for the general story of the game and the design of the gameplay as it contains a lot of blood, it is classified as a horror game.

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Information on Download Outlast II 2 for PC

Outlast 2 Goal:

Outlast 2 is based in its gameplay on the performance of tasks and planning, some tasks require direct confrontation with terrifying enemies, while others require sneaking in the dark and hiding well in order to be able to escape without drawing their attention to your presence.

These enemies will not be just ordinary people at all, they are a tribe that inhabits the jungle and thinks that they live at the end of time and that inevitable death is the fate of everyone who lives on the planet.

That tribe has strange and abnormal beliefs and the most important of which is to kill as many peaceful people as possible who can get their hands on them, the risk rates are very high especially with dark scenes, terrifying voiceover and effects and if you have previously downloaded Outlast the first version you will have that background before you start playing.

Effects and drawings:

Outlast 2 is rather modern as it was released in 2017 by major video game development companies Red Barrels so you can be sure that factors such as graphics, effects, lighting, camera movement and controls have been well taken care of in order to appear in the best possible shape so that the player has the best possible gaming experience.

The scenes mostly look dark as the story revolves around navigating at night in dark forests teeming with risk factors, besides the dark lighting that dominates the gaming environment, there are more sound and visual effects that will enhance the horror factor of the game, a voiceover that repeats very terrifying words and sentences, those sentences will make the excitement run through your heart and the adrenaline running in your veins.

Action & Adventure:

Download games from this category such as Download Outlast 2 you will find that it is a game belonging to the category of horror and adventure games, played from a first-person perspective where the events taking place in front of you are dealt with directly nothing separates you from the dangers you face, in each level you have to do some tasks.

Your primary task in the game is to investigate the role of journalist Blake Langerman who went to that remote area of the Arizona woods to investigate the murder and abduction of a pregnant woman in the past.

The gameplay mode is individual, as you do the job in the jungles of the Amazon jungle the events take you so that you lose your friends and spouse who were with you at the beginning of the journey and then it gets dark and you are unable to find the rest of your team, at this moment feelings of horror and danger begin to appear.

You have sound and visual effects that will increase those negative emotions, as events unfold you will find that those feelings do not come out of thin air but because you are unknowingly surrounded by huge numbers of villains who have an urgent desire to get rid of you and kill you completely in the ugliest ways possible so that they can perform their abnormal rituals of their false beliefs.

More about downloading Outlast 2


When you land using your helicopter with your wife in the jungles of the Arizona forests to do your investigative investigation into that lady's murder surrounded by some dangers that eventually led to you getting lost in your way and losing your wife, your primary goal here is to look first for your wife and then continue to perform the task that brought you to this remote area in the first place.

As you search for your wife, you are surrounded by the towering plants and trees that dot that forest with you, and then you start to hear terrifying sounds, and then you discover that there is a cursed tribe that has learned that you are in their lands and wants to look for you and get rid of you.

You have to hide completely from these people by sneaking in, sometimes running, hiding inside interactive items such as barrels, cabinets, and behind walls as well as you will be able to climb trees, mountains, and rock walls in order to be able to escape from these bad guys.

Your primary task is to dodge your enemies as you try to find your wife, you can kill as many of them as possible if it provides you with some sense of security, but remember that you have a limited rate of endurance, the more you run, jump, climb, face enemies and escape from them the lower your probability rate.

If it decreases to the lowest possible stage of it you will have to try again, you have to hide in a safe place and take shelter from one side to another in order to be able to refill that rate.

Features of downloading Outlast 2 :

  1. Very terrifying visual and sound effects such as the voices of mentally ill people and the presence of blood everywhere.
  1. You can use some firearms in your hand to outperform your enemies.
  1. The game allows you to have a clear view feature in the dark and during the night.
  1. The possibility of predicting the approach of enemies by using the microphones and sophisticated cameras in your possession.
  1. There is a variety of tasks you can do in order to survive.

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